Embellish Sticky Rinse-Away Mesh ESRM-15 15in x 10yd

Embellish® Sticky Rinse-Away Mesh is a dense fibrous, water-soluble stabilizer with a light, sticky dissolvable coating and is used for items that are distinguished as “hard to hoop” or fabrics that could be harmed/ marked by the hooping process such as: baby onesies, necklines, collars, and cuffs. Embellish® Sticky Rinse- Away Mesh washes away clean with no messy residue and is excellent for supporting embroidery on delicate and sheer fabrics such as: batiste, chiffon, netting, organdy, organza, tulle, voile and sheer scarfs. The added adhesive prevents the fabric from shifting while embroidering, resulting in perfect outline stitches. Unlike other water-soluble stabilizers that are clear, the mesh properties of this stabilizer are not prone to stretching from embroidering dense designs with heavy needle penetration. Also available in a non-sticky version, Embellish® Rinse-Away Mesh.


Proprietorial high-density per square inch, fibrous, woven, water-soluble fibers. Contains a pressuresensitive, needle-friendly, water-dissolvable coating.

Stitch Count:

Holds up to 12,000 embroidery stitches in a 4”x 4” hoop.

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