SKU: ERCT-1510



Embellish Rinse-Away Clear Topper ERCT-1510 15in x 10yd

Embellish® Rinse-Away Clear Topper is used on top of the item within the embroidery hoop, providing a smooth embroidering surface for your machine. It keeps the embroidery thread elevated, preventing the thread from sinking into the fabric fiber. It acts as a “spacer” on top of the fabric, so the thread remains raised on top of the material. Embellish® Rinse-Away Clear Topper washes away clean.

Use this product to prevent the fabric fibers from crushing when used on top of the fabric before hooping. Ever have your embroidery foot get caught between two layers of fabric, while embroidering in-the-hoop projects? Toppers are the solution. Use RNK® Embroidery Perfect Tape® to secure a piece of topper over the entire stitching area before starting the color change to seal the gap between the two overlapping fabrics.

Once the packaging is opened, store Embellish® Rinse-Away Clear Topper in a sealed air-tight bag or container. We also have an iron-away topper when you need the topper to stay underneath the thread through, repeated wash and dry cycles, or for items that cannot withstand moisture.

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