Sheer Non-Directional Fusible Cutaway Stabilizer. Embellish® Fusible Soft Cutaway is a premium, fusible, soft cutaway stabilizer. It is a green product made from 70% recycled fibers and is used with all machine embroidery designs on non-stable fabrics such as: athletic wear, costumes, flannel, knits, T-Shirts, onesies, rain jackets, polos, pashmina’s, wool, and wool blend acrylic scarfs. Embellish® Fusible Soft Cutaway is sheer and directional, created with a unique embossed pattern for added support. The added temporary fusible prevents the fabric from shifting while hooping and embroidering, resulting in perfect outline stitches. Because of the sheerness of this cutaway, it will not shadow through the fabric or garment. Premium nylon fibers are superior to polyester because nylon is super-structured and resists stretching where polyester stretches. It is also available in a nonfusible version.

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