Flowerhouse: Little Blossoms Thistle FLHD-21886-252

SKU: FLHD-21886-252



Little Blossoms

In Color: Purple, purple flowers and foliage on white.

Collection: Flowerhouse.

Manufacturer: Robert Kaufman

44" 100% Cotton.

Purchase Quantity by the Yard.

Welcome to "Little Blossoms" by Flowerhouse - Where Vintage Charm Meets Modern Flair! 

Join us in celebrating the timeless beauty of blooms with this delightful fabric collection. Designer Debbie Beaves, with her profound passion for flowers, has artfully crafted a blend of 30's style prints infused with a touch of modern vibrancy. These fabrics pay homage to the sentiments that flowers hold in our lives, with each blossom telling a unique story.

Explore a world of blossoms:

Cherished Traditions: Traditional 30's colors with a contemporary twist bring out the best in these vintage-inspired prints.
Whimsical Motifs: From dainty florals to tiny tossed bouquets and retro geometric patterns, each design in this collection radiates charm and nostalgia.
Quilter's Delight: Debbie's thoughtful balance of scale and value ensures these fabrics are perfect for quilting and a wide range of creative projects.

Debbie Beaves' designs have been cherished by quilters worldwide for nearly 43 years. Her love for flowers shines through every petal, making her collections perennial favorites. "Little Blossoms" is no exception, offering you a chance to weave the magic of blooms into your creations.

Capture the essence of timeless beauty and creativity with "Little Blossoms" - Unfold your own floral stories today!

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