Anna Maria Moonbean Mylar Template Set




Anna Maria Moonbean Mylar Template Set

This 18-piece Mylar template set is specially designed to help you build beautiful applique quilts, or other sewing and craft projects with ease. The companion Moonbeam Acrylic Template set can further help you with cutting your applique shapes that have seam allowance included. This set is all the same shapes, however with no seam allowance. So you can use them to trace a turn line on your shape cut using the acrylic shapes... or you can trace and cut right on the line for a raw edge applique. You can also use this set as forms for pressing a creasing with a cool iron for needle turn applique.

Both sets are specifically designed for use with 3 of Anna Maria's applique quilt patterns: Reserve Garden; Natural Cadence; and Petit Fours.  

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