Reflecting on a Year of Sewing

New Year, New Sewing: Reflecting on a Year of Sewing

Hey Sewing Friends,

As we stand at the threshold of a brand new year, there's something magical about taking a moment to look back. Let's hit pause, grab a mug of something warm, and reflect on the quilt of creativity we’ve sewn throughout the past year.

The Joyful Journey:

Think back to those moments of pure joy when your vision started to materialize in your hands. Which project brought the most smiles? Was it the cozy quilt that now adorns your favorite reading nook or that meticulously embroidered piece that felt like a canvas come to life?

For me, it was this really cool sewing banner I designed earlier this spring!

Learning Adventures:

Every project is a new chapter in our crafting book, isn't it? What techniques did you embrace this year? Did you dive into the intricate world of hand embroidery, conquer the art of appliqué, or perhaps master the precision of foundation paper piecing?

This past year, we welcomed into our classroom, a new instructor, Carol, to teach her expertise in paper piecing. She’s super sweet and does some amazing paper piecing work. We hope you take some time to take a class with her and do some paper piecing!

The Unforgettable Oops:

Let's not forget the not-so-perfect moments. The stitches that went rogue, the seams that took unexpected detours—these are the quirks that make each project uniquely yours. Share those "oops" moments that turned into valuable lessons.

Many times throughout the year, I’ve had to remind myself that my quilt will still be beautiful even if my points don’t match. This quilt is a perfect example of “focus on the bigger picture”. Even though my points don’t line up, looking at the quilt as a whole, you don’t notice those points.

Celebrate the Progress:

Even the tiniest stitches are steps forward. Celebrate the progress you've made, the skills you've honed, and the creative spirit that guided your hands. Every project, whether small or grand, contributes to your growth as a crafter.

I sewed my first zipper this year! It’s not the best bag, but it’s my first and I can’t wait to make more now that I can sew a zipper! I’ve even looked at using some quilter’s select products to help make it easier in the future!

Share Your Stories:

I'd love to hear about your sewing adventures! What project made your heart sing? Any techniques that surprised you with their simplicity or challenged your crafting prowess? Let's create a virtual gallery of our achievements and celebrate the vibrant community of makers we've become. Share with us your projects on Sew & Tell Mondays on our Facebook page.

Here's to the projects that filled our days with stitches and stories. Here's to the joy of creation and the endless possibilities that a new year holds.

Happy Sewing,

Hannah Brook

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Published on: 1/16/2024