Elevate Your Embroidery with Exquisite Thread: A Small Business Perspective

Testimonial of Exquisite Thread


Hello! My name is Gabriel Rael! My wife and I are the Owners of Baby Bee Keepsakes in Converse, Texas and specialize in creating handcrafted embroidered baby gifts.

We chose to partner with Grome’s because they are an honest, reputable, local company with a location in Universal City, Texas. More importantly, the people that work at Grome’s are very helpful, knowledgeable, and honest. My wife and I “clicked” with the staff at Grome’s about 2 years ago and have been sourcing our materials from Grome’s ever since. Grome’s has high quality Exquisite embroidery thread that we like to use on all our projects and always has every single thread color we can think of. We only use the best thread in all our embroidery work and Grome’s is our go to for our embroidery thread.

Embracing Excellence - Exquisite Thread in Your Business:

We like to use Exquisite thread for all our projects because of the nice shiny look it has. The polyester thread with the satin finish really makes our work stand out and it gives it that high quality look we are aiming for. Plus we never have any issues with it running through our machines which is even better. Plus this thread will not fade over time because it is made to withstand UV rays. Once our customers receive our product they know it will last.

There are a lot of great reviews on Exquisite thread and we wanted something that was durable and has a high quality look to it. We would never use any other thread plus there is a large variety of colors to choose from.

When we first started our embroidery business, we would consult with clients on the type of thread they wanted to use on their garment. Exquisite has an embroidery thread color card with all of their thread stitched out on small samples to view in person. When our clients view this color card, they're blown away by the quality of thread and bright sheen color. The polyester and sheen look made our business stand out for sure. 

The Exquisite Difference - Quality and Craftsmanship:

The 40 weight polyester composition of Exquisite thread have positively influenced the quality of our embroidered items. The thread always maintains its structural integrity even when stitching above 1000 stitches per minute. 

Exquisite thread’s high sheen adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to all our lovies, baby quilts, and plushies. This thread really sets our products apart from the rest of the embroidery shops. 

This thread allows us to stitch smoothly with minimal thread breaks. Some may say that your machine tension settings really decides if your thread breaks a lot. However, I would argue that the quality of your thread greatly contributes to if you get a lot of thread breaks. Needless to say, we don’t have many.  

Conclusion: Elevating Creativity with Exquisite Thread:

We want to offer high quality embroidered baby gifts to our consumers and the competitive advantage we have is our thread. Exquisite gives us that extra pop that is needed to stand out amongst the rest. Everyone always tells us we have such great work and I attribute that to my wife’s digitizing abilities and our Exquisite thread.

We recommend that if you do embroidery to invest in high quality embroidery thread because it truly makes a difference. We used inexpensive thread to try and save a few dollars, but in the end we had more thread breaks and our products looked just like everyone else's. Ensure you invest in a good thread. Exquisite fits that bill for us, and allows us to sell high quality products. 

We are forever thankful for our partnership with Grome’s. They always have every color of exquisite thread we need and it’s only 10 minutes away for us! However, if you're not as close to them as we are, you can also place an order online which is pretty neat. Check out the range of  Exquisite threads at Grome’s and visit www.babybeekeepsakes.com to see what baby gifts can be created from us using Exquisite Thread. 


Author: Gabriel Rael, Baby Bee Keepsakes

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