Sky Wide Storm AJSDX-20976-300

SKU: AJSDX-20976-300



Sky Ombre Wide Backing

In Color: Blue, Purple; Storm Sky.

Collection: Sky Wide.

Manufacturer: Robert Kaufman

44" 100% Cotton.

Purchase Quantity by the Yard.

Sky Wide: A Symphony of Hues. 
These ombrés span from subtle pastels to deep, rich tones, providing a rich tapestry of colors for creators to explore. Jennifer's deep understanding of color, honed through her artistic journey, promises to inspire your creativity and instill confidence in your use of color.

Discover Your Sky. 
"Sky Wide" offers endless possibilities for makers of all levels. Whether you're new to ombrés or a seasoned creator, there's a world of creativity waiting for you.

Jennifer Sampou: A Maker's Muse 
Jennifer's artistic brilliance now finds its canvas at Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Her portfolio boasts more than 4000 prints that have graced millions of yards worldwide. As an artist, she's not just confined to her studio; wanderlust fuels her imagination, and curiosity propels her around the globe in search of color and artistry.

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