Gingher 6in Applique

SKU: 01-005275



Best suited for applique work, embroidery and rug making Product Features. Paddle-shaped blade pushes away layer of fabric or embroidery backing for a clear cutting path. Allows controlled cuts close to the stitching. Offset handles create a comfortable working position. Durable double-plated chrome over nickel. Previously Item G6R Timeless, artisanal quality since 1947. Expertly crafted from premium, forged steel for effortless, precise cutting. Ultimate craftsmanship Utilizing centuries-old methods, skilled technicians hot-drop forged shears from high carbon cutlery steel, then grind, polish and add hand-tuned tensions points for ensured longevity and flawless performance. Effortless precision Paddle-shaped blade pushes away the bottom layer of fabric for flawless, controlled cuts, making this the perfect scissors for appliqué pieces, embroidery and rug making.

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