891 MAHOGANY 1000M

SKU: ES891



Exquisite 891 MAHOGANY 1000M

Exquisite POLY is an affordable, high-quality, polyester embroidery thread that provides the same brilliant sheen as rayon and is colorfast to withstand fading from ultraviolet light and industrial laundering.

• Made from bright, high tenacity polyester trilobal filament
• High tensile strength
• Brilliant sheen
• High color fastness to chlorine and soda
• Coated with special chemicals to make the thread smoother
• Suitable for high-speed computerized embroidery machines
• 40 weight, 120/2 denier thread
• 1,000 (1,100 yards) and 5,000 (5,500 yards) meter spools
• EASY Snap Spool on 1,000 meter spools
Exquisite by dime threads are made from high quality raw
material, free from carcinogens and banned AZO dyestuffs. Our
thread is knotless, resulting in improved production efficiency.

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