From Homemade to Professional: A Testimonial

A Serger is a Game Changer

Hi, I’m Brindi. I’m a small business owner and a busy dance mom. While my small business is sewing, dance life keeps me very busy and on the run, and forces me to think, and sew, smarter not harder. This is why I got a serger. While I was scared of them for a long time, I wish I would have gotten one sooner because this machine is not as scary as I made it up to be in my head! I have the Juki MO-1200 QVP, and it is a game changer! This machine is easier to thread without it being an air threader, and having the JUKI YouTube page is life changing. The added support of having Grome’s nearby and a YouTube catalog of videos at my disposal helped me get over my fears and establish a good relationship with my machine and local dealer. Add in Cyndi’s amazing serger class that you get FREE with your serger purchase, and I feel like a pro already!

One way my serger has absolutely changed my life is with my daughter’s dancewear. If you have a kid in any afterschool sports or events, you know just how much these added costumes, uniforms, and doo-dads all add up, especially dancewear! My serger allows me to make her dancewear sets very easily, quickly, and affordably. This allows me to make her one of a kind sets that make her stand out from the crowd! My serger takes the home sewn garments I’ve been creating from “homemade” to “professional” while saving me so much time and money, all while making a more quality and sturdy product. I feel like compared to just using my sewing machine, my serger allows my daughter to dance in her outfits without the fear of the seams coming apart.

While I’m not being a busy dance mom, my serger helps me with my sewing business, Brindlelynn Designs. I make handmade gifts and accessories for the average girlie and book lovers! The one thing that changed my life with my serger are my scrunchies! I can make so many scrunchies so fast that it’s not even funny. Less time sewing, more time for selling, marketing, and photoshoots! Not to mention the plethora of other quick projects that you can do with your serger for quick gifts like gift bags, wallets, headbands, make up wipes, pouches, and sew much more! Pun intended. :)

I find myself reaching for my serger a lot of times before my straight stitch machine, and mainly use my straight stitch machine for sewing quilts and finishing items. Owning a serger opens up a whole new world of sewing, like sewing garments and more, and my sewing room would have an empty hole without it. (So would my heart!) My serger has added a whole new arsenal to my sewing tools and in tandem with my straight stitch machine, I’ve noticed that my product quality is elevated. I feel like I could sew anything! I really hope that you consider getting a serger for all your sewing needs, and let it change your world like it has mine!

Author: Brindi Matava, Brindlelynn Designs

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Published: 4/29/2024

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