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Dime Hoop It Up

Item # BK00125
Dime Hoop It Up

By Dime

Description: Book
Hooping an item correctly is an important beginning step to getting a professionally embroidered design. But with the many different items to
embroider and the variety of hoops available, knowing which hoop to use and how to hoop any given item can be challenging.
In Hoop It Up, the Stitching Sisters, Eileen Roche and Marie Zinno, take the confusion out of hooping. They’ve pooled their years of embroidery
experience to share their best practices for embroidering over 30 popular items. Take the confusion and frustration out of hooping with
Hoop It Up!

Bonus!    Inside this 80 page book, you’ll find six embroidery positioning tools you can use again and again!

Tools by Angle Finder
• 4” Target Ruler (two versions)
• 7” Target Ruler (two versions)
• Target StickeRS