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Get Creative Part 2

Get Creative Part 2
Friday, February 10th  10-2pm

Creative Sensation Pro - Creative Performance 4.5 and Creative 3.0
This month we will be working with the sequencing icon, stitch editor icon as well as learning how to utilize our decorative stitches.

Do you own one of the models listed above? If yes, then you want to join me for this class. This class is going to be a 3 part series class for NEW owners. You will establish a relationship with your machine by studying all the icons on your machine, we will go over all stitch functions, work with decorative stitches, learn to utilize all the feet that came with your machine, work with the stitch creator and sequencing function and lastly, we will go over basic embroidery. There is much to learn on these machines, so sign up now!  If you are comfortable with your machine, please continue to watch our calendar as we have more specific classes coming in the near future for all Creative models.  

Note: Class is limited to 8 students.
Class Fee: Free if purchased from Grome's
Valued at $1080

Get Creative Part 2